Posted Dec.09.18 at 03:00 pm

"That's it?"

"That is it," the Aetherian soldier agreed, straightening the couple sheets of yellowed paper in their hands against the tabletop. They had a bald head smattered with dark freckles, but long white sideburns. "We will send for you--" they nodded at Parker, who sat with her arms folded across the table from them, "--when the R.I.T. aid corps are created, and you--" here they meant Teige, who likewise sat with his arms crossed next to Parker, looking faintly ill, "--when the official intake for R.I.T. soldiers opens."

Neither of them responded to this.

"If you wish, you can take part in the practice auditions," the soldier added to Teige.

"Yea?" he said, the tip of his tail twitching frantically near his ankles.

"They will prepare you for intake. See General Russett if you are interested."

"So, uh," Parker began. "What happens if R.I.T. never gets going? We get deported back to Enodia? I mean, we can't join the Order what with the membership cap--R.I.T.'s the only option we have."

The soldier regarded her for a moment without much expression. "I have no idea, frankly," they said finally, and as Teige and Parker stood to leave, they added, "Just stay out of trouble in the meantime."

They were far enough away from the fenceline that the figures on it seemed quite small--one was a large, stripy boar, who was throwing its weight against the much smaller figure of a spirit, who was holding onto its tusks and trying not to be forced backwards across the grass. Sitting on the fence with a couple of onlookers, all dressed in the same black shirt and teal pants (except for a large rabbit, which wasn't wearing anything at all) another darker-skinned spirit was barking directions. The yelling seemed to get more exasperated, though, as the boar flung its head back, whipping the spirit right into the air.

"Oh--that must be the general, on the fence there. Do you wanna go talk to 'em real quick?"