Posted Mar.18.18 at 03:00 pm
Kei recoiled, clapping a paw over his eye, growling. Hawk took the chance to flip himself over and bolt, the last of the pale flames fading across his shoulders and wings as he did.

The cuts Hawk had made were not deep, but they forced Kei to squint as they bled sluggishly into his fur. He fixed his crimson eyes on Hawk, who was now sprinting across the warehouse floor.

"Now I'm gonna kill ya," he snarled. "You think I was rough on your dumb ass before?? I'll tear you in half!"

Kei roared this last part, and Hawk heard him charge forward. Hawk didn't look back, though, eyes darting instead around the warehouse, trying to figure out his next move.

As he approached the truck and the animal that was still standing exactly where it had been told to, laughing furiously, he suddenly spotted the figures lying very quietly in the truck bed. He only saw them for an instant, though, as he took a flying leap over the animal's head--it stopped laughing only long enough to jump up, its jaws snapping together loudly just inches from Hawk's feet.

Hawk hit the edge of the truck roof and clambered up onto it, his eyes on the window above it, which was shuttered with plywood except for a sizable gap in the middle. He took another leap and slammed into the wall just beneath the window, his talons hooking onto the windowsill, his wings spread out to give him some leverage. He threw himself up and out the window, the old plywood splitting easily around him as he shouldered through--

--and then he caught himself, hanging out of the window, his talons sinking into the plywood. The wood groaned as he leaned forward, his wings gathering, his tail feathers and feet brushing the snow--which was still coming down--from the sill. He froze, breathing steam, staring out.