Posted Jun.23.19 at 03:00 pm

The dragon had spun around, landing in Numair's path as he sprinted--rather than try to change course, he hit the ground and slid beneath the dragon's arched body, raising a cloud of dust as he went. The dragon tried to twist around after him, jaws snapping as he slid past.

He rolled onto all fours, a glimmer of green light flaring up between his hands. Little arcs of lightning began to circle his feet, and then suddenly with a loud pow he was airborne, the lightning flickering around his feet throwing him up into the night. He spun round and found himself landing rather neatly on the roof of the darkened building, a trail of lightning casting a blue-green glow after him. The dragon wasted no time in flying up after him, moving through the air as though he were swimming. 

Numair took off running again across the rooftop, the dragon flowing after him. He reached the opposite side of the roof, took a short leap off--and then turned to face the grinning dragon in midair. A fresh stroke of blue-green lightning arced between two of his fingers, which he directed towards the dragon. As the lightning reached out to find a place to strike, the dragon opened his jaws, little beads of light appearing near the back of his tongue.

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