Posted Jan.20.19 at 03:00 pm

"So," Shinobu said, "How is your new housemate, Vlad? Still settling in?"

She was perched on the seat next to him in the brightly lit waiting room, leaning towards him and away from the small dog-headed boy on her other side, who was sniffing loudly and miserably. Vlad didn't look away from his magazine, which was open to a local news piece.

"He's getting there," he said. "He's awful sweet, he just doesn't say much. But he cleans the place and cooks for me sometimes."

The dog-headed boy sneezed; someone to his left reprimanded him for not blowing his nose, but he just sniffed loudly.

"Oh," Shinobu muttered. "How nice."

She drew her tail up around herself, and meticulously smoothed it with her paws until all the fur was lying flat.

"Am I doing the right thing?" she said suddenly, causing Vlad to look up.