posted Sep.18.16 at 03:00 pm

"N-nowhere," Hawk said quickly, and then to Parker, "Hey, can I pick you up?"

"Ooh, okay," she said agreeably. Hawk bent slightly to scoop her up; she hooked one of her oddly long arms around his neck. Teige watched this with his hands on his hips, smirking.

"'Nowhere,' my arse," he said. "You look bashful as hell."

"Can you bench-press me?" Parker asked with interest, as Hawk lifted her easily. "I bet you can."

"Y'know, Teige, maybe I can get us all to Enodia," Hawk told him. "Maybe I just gotta practice flyin' with more weight. Ain't it worth tryin'?"

Teige looked a bit bewildered. "Er, of course, Feathers," he said, but added bracingly, "But you know we drown in the ocean if that doesn't work, yeah?"

Before Hawk could answer, there was a loud thump, and a voice said angrily, "Ow! Don't push--"

"I didn't push you," another voice said, more quietly.

The peryton had appeared at the doorway from the upstairs, now picking himself back up from the floor, his feathers standing on end. Behind him in the doorway loomed the buffalo-headed man.

"God, fuck off!" the peryton snapped at him.

"You're makin' a scene," the buffalo man told him.

"I am?! Ow--"

The buffalo-headed man had reached out quite calmly and grabbed one of the peryton's antlers; he crouched and easily forced the peryton to look at him. He was turned away from the most crowded part of the bar, and he spoke quietly, but everyone had gone silent and were watching.

"Listen," he growled. "You dump me, whatever. But you don't get to insult me by replacing me with a god damn halfbreed."

The bar was entirely looking now, a mixture of people merely watching out of interest, some unsure what to do. The ogre bartender, looking put-upon, reached above the shelves behind the bar and started to heft the enormous spiked club that was mounted there.

"Okay, sir," he started warningly, but was interrupted by a glass being flung across the room--it smashed, apparently harmlessly, against the side of the buffalo man's head.